Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Christmas Around the Corner!

With Christmas around the corner I have decided to start designing a Christmas Cross Stitch collection. They are going to be quick and easy cross stitchings that people can whip up in an afternoon or evening. The neddlepoints will be perfect size for ornaments, gift tags and Christmas cards and any other project you think may seem fit for them! All my patterns are in PDF format and can be found on my Etsy store that is: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LastingAllure just click this link and you will be taken to my online store :)

Anywho here is the first design that I have added to my collection. He is a jolly and joyful snowman who is adorned with a smile and a Christmas tree on his side. He started out as a drawing that was coloured in with coloured pencil and then I transformed him into this handsome cross stitching. Hope you enjoy and happy stitching!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Birdhouse Update

Well I haven't had much time to work on the birdhouse because I have been distracted by activities going on in my dorms and looking for a job. No such luck on the job hunting though so I am just finding other ways to make money by designing my own cross stitchings, I will post a picture a little later of how far I have gotten on one of my cross stitch designs. I need to make my way to the store in the next few days to pick up some more DMC colours since I seem to be missing some for the birdhouse I am working on. I have a bad habit of high-jacking threads from one project for another! Here is the most recent update of the birdhouse:

Friday, 8 July 2011

For my Parents

It is now 1:30 in the morning and I am up and cross stitching. Some would call me crazy but I don't like the heat so I choose to sleep through it and be more productive at night when it is cooler.

My parents are moving into a new house and I started this birdhouse cross stitching a year or so ago and I just picked it up again tonight so I figured I will finish it and give it to them as a home warming gift. My mom has already cross stitched the other two to this collection and hasn't framed them yet so I figure I will finish it off and she can get all three done at the same time. It is done with DMC and on Aida, I don't normally work on Aida I prefer linen but since my mom choose the others on Aida it only seemed fit. Here is how far I have gotten so far:

As of July 8th, 2011
And this is the finished product in the magazine I am working from:
"Home Tweet Home" by Donna Vermillion Giampa. Published in For the Love of Cross Stitch Magazine Volume 13, Number 5.

And these are all three of them together:
Published in For the Love of Cross Stitch.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Newest Painting

Here is my latest painting I am happy with enough to post:
My friend holding another friend's newborn baby. Skin and purple top is coloured pencil, background water colour paints, hair water colour and ink.

Update of Christmas Angel

Well I guess I don't need sleep when it comes to cross stitching. I have been up all night working on this and think I am going to power through a little bit more after my dinner (KD ahh...the cuisine of a university student). Here is the newest picture:

 I also just bought a cross stitch pattern maker to design my own patterns which I also plan on posting here and most likely will sell the patterns that work out on my Etsy store along side my jewellery. Keep checking back for more updates on how the designing is coming along for that one...Anywho back to cross stitching!

First Entry :D

Well for the past few days I have been working on a Christmas Angel by Joan Elliot. The design can be found in the cross-stitch magazine Cross Stitch Collections issue 189. I started it last Christmas and haven't had much time to work on her but since I have been having a creative block I decided to pick her up again and work on her in hopes to finish it by Christmas 2011 (With my pace and attention span I may be lucky to finish her in 2030 lol).

I am working on 32 count linen with no hoop or frame. She will be adorned with a bunch of specialty threads and beads and will sparkle in the light once I am done her. Feel free to share your thoughts on it and I will post pictures as I progress but I may be distracted by other projects that I will try and post on here as well.

Here is a picture of the design and the second one is of how far I have gotten: