Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My 30 Day Designing Challenge, Day 1

I have been frustrated as of late for my lack of inspiration and motivation when it comes to designing cross stitch patterns. Today as I worked on a pattern I decided that I was going to challenge myself...30 patterns in 30 days. This will give me motivation to finally finish some ideas that are already started and to chart ideas that are in my head.

Each pattern won't be posted until I am 100% happy with the product and if it is something that I would like to stitch myself. Most will be small patterns but I am going to try and get 1 or 2 bigger projects finished.

Day 1, Design 1&2:

Sweet Petites Cake Stands

Ladies Night, Happy Hour

I will be missing a couple of days at the end of the month so some days will have 2 sometimes 3 designs. Feel free to leave suggestions down below for what you think would be fun to do. And as always please feel free to join in on the challenge!

HAED Progress

I managed to work on Cinderella some more. She is farther along than the photo posted below but I had to put her away a few weeks ago before going to Vancouver to visit family. Right before we left my mom bought me 4 HAED charts for my birthday so naturally I had to start one of the new ones last week.

Here is Cinderella:
Ruth Sanderson's Cinderella- Retired HAED Pattern
I actually have one bird completely stitched and part of the other. Just over half way done this third page with a half page below to have 4 near completion.

Here are the four patterns my mom bought plus one I bought myself during the Mother's Day Sale:

Faery 2 by Nadia Strelkina

Dreams of Atlantis by Josephine Wall

Faerie Melody by Ruth Sanderson
Golden Wood by Ruth Sanderson
Mini Fairy Key by Nadia Strelkina
I started Golden Wood the other week. I have over 800 stitches into it. Over the last weekend I put it away so I could stitch on my Joan Elliott Christmas Angle while my mom and I watched season 3 of Justified. Golden Wood is on a huge standing tapestry frame my nan gave to me during our visit. It is the perfect size for most of my HAED I want to do! As you can tell I am a pretty big Ruth Sanderson fan!