Monday, 24 September 2012

Haven't Been Around

So sorry for lack of posts the past couple of weeks. I have been out of town and just busy and really haven't had much energy or desire to do any stitching. I have been meaning to update everyone on my projects though.

Here is the Victorian Christmas Lady:

Got the third page done (sorry for blurriness of the photo yikes that looks bad!) I had to place another order online though for cross stitch stuff (oh darn) because I forgot to order one of the Krienik threads. So I also got some other projects to do for some family members and another pattern for myself!

And here is Mermaids of the Deep Blue:

I have had her done since before I left for my trip. I do plan on picking her up again very soon, I just need to finish my Christmas stuff before so I can get it all done for the season. I really can't wait to get all of the beads on her!

While on my trip I stocked up on DMC floss for a bunch of other projects. I think I ended up getting 208 DMC colors in total. I also ended up buying some fabric dyes and plan on experimenting with that in a couple of weeks. I want to dye some fabric for my Petal Fairy, I am thinking a light teal color to go with the orange and pinks in that one.