Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Garden Shed Cross Stitch Patterns

In a few days the latest edition of The World of Cross Stitching issue 228 will be hitting the shelves and my latest cross stitch designs will be in them. This month I have designed 3 garden sheds, 1 for every stage of gardening. The planting, the growing and the enjoying stages!

(C) The World of Cross Stitching issue 228 2015 (c) Shannon Wasilieff 2015
Each garden shed contains a colourful pallet of DMC threads. There is also a few little critters hidden within the designs. The kitties were inspired by 2 cats I look after, chirping at the birds in the windows with their tails quivering being driven crazy that they can't go and catch those humming birds.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Anne Boleyn Cross Stitch Pattern

My latest project is studying faces in cross stitch patterns. I want to design some gorgeous lady cross stitch designs but I know that the face has a lot to do with the overall finish of the design. I know for me, if the face doesn't look correct or pretty in a pattern it kind of turns me off of stitching it, or I try to change it to fit with the pattern so I am happy with it.

My first cross stitch pattern that I have designed is Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII second wife. I tried giving her a slim, long face and I came up with this cross stitch portrait :
I even included her iconic B necklace and pearls. She is of course adorned in beads and metallic threads to show her status.
Anne Boleyn Portrait (c) Shannon Wasilieff 2015
The pattern can be found on my Etsy site here: LastingAllure

Monday, 16 March 2015

Cinderella is Done

I can finally say I am done the stitching on my Heaven and Earth Design Cinderella by Ruth Sanderson (retired). The design is full cross stitches 2 over 1 on 18 count fabric. Took roughly 3 years to stitch, working on her on again and off again.
Artwork by (c)Ruth Sanderson, Cross Stitched by Shannon Wasilieff
I am going to give her a bath once I have some free time and plan on adding a few beads to it as well as some back stitching. She is going to be an elaborate oil painting style frame and is going to hang in my bedroom by my hanging lamp chandelier once I have painted my room a light periwinkle.

My next Heaven and Earth Design  pattern is Faery 2 by Nadia Strelkina.
Artwork by Nadia Strelkina, Pattern by Heaven and Earth Designs
I currently have 800 stitched into it already. I have a lot of commission work to do though so she is put aside for now. Stitching her on 18 count fabric 2 over 1 again.

Carousel Horse Cross Stitch Designs

These beautiful carousel horse cross stitch designs are currently available in issue 227 of The World of Cross Stitching. They contain some Kreinik #4 braid that adds some sparkle to the designs. Some people have exchanged the Kreinik French knots with beads and they look equally as stunning. I have seen a few stitched on hand dyed fabric and that just adds an even more whimsical feeling to them.

(c) The World of Cross Stitching issue 227, 2015 Designed by (c) Shannon Wasilieff
There are 6 different designs. I think they would look gorgeous stitched together and made into a wall hanging quilt. Or you could flip 3 of them so they are all going the same way and stitch them in a long strip and make it into a 3D decorative pillow or put them around a round box.

The World of Cross Stitching issue 227, Designed by (c) Shannon Wasilieff, 2015