Monday, 21 October 2013

Free 2013 Christmas Ornament

Here is a Christmas Ornament cross stitch pattern I have designed for all of you. It uses the leaf satin stitch some of you used in the September Free SAL. Use your imagination and choose your own colours! Make it fun and personal! The red dots can be either petite beads or French knots.

Free 2013 Christmas Ornament. For Personal Use Only.
This pattern would be perfect for a quick ornament to stitch as a gift. You could also stitch it on a linen bag or make it into a Christmas card!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Christmas Elegance Day #6

After almost a week of stitching I have come this far:

It is stitching up fairly quickly and I am happy to say I am nearing the half way point on this. Every day of stitching this I am falling in love with it more and more. I really can't wait to start putting the beads onto it, it is going to sparkle so much!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Christmas Project 2013 Day #2

This time around I have decided to keep track of exactly how many days it will take me to stitch this piece, unless of course I get distracted again which is a huge possibility after the latest Mirabilia release "Ella, Princess and the Frog" yesterday. It is already in my shopping cart but thankfully it will take a week or two to get here so plenty of time to finish this up.

Christmas Elegance by Mirabilia Day #2
I was actually pretty pleased with the colours. Originally I thought the dress would be more of a blue green but it has turned out to be more emerald in colour which I am loving even more! The colours seem more blended than in the model photo but I guess that's what happens when 20 years have passed since it was released and dye lots have changed. I am going to change majority of the beads to be petites, I prefer working with petites, and may add a few crystals in some areas. We shall see!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Christmas Project 2013

Every year I try to pick one new Christmas cross stitching project. This doesn't necessarily mean I will finish it for that year (or ever) but I like the feeling I get working on the project leading up to my favorite time of the year.

This year's project is Christmas Elegance by Mirabilia. Instead of using the suggested blue fabric I opted to go for an opalescent purple fabric. I picked purple because I find when it snows in the evening right before nightfall there is a purple ambiance all around. It is truly a beautiful sight of the serine purple and fresh falling snow.

Christmas Elegance by Mirabilia Floss Toss
 The fabric is 32 count Zweigart Lugana in the colour Dragon's Desire. In some lighting it looks like a pastel purple and in other lighting it looks like a greyish purple.

Here is my progress so far after one day:

Day 1 progress on Christmas Elegance by Mirabilia
 I am loving this project. Nora Corbett has some amazing patterns out there and I hope to get around to stitching all of the ones I love sometime in my life time.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

2 Week Old Kittens

As promised here are some pictures of the little kittens we had rescued!

The orange kitten on the left hand side was named Pumpkin. He (or she) was the fluffiest of the group. If we had kept one it would have been that one. But unfortunately I don't know what my living circumstances will be in a few weeks or months so I was unable to call dibs on it. Plus he had to go with his mom and was too young to survive on his own.

This one was Peaches. Always so bright eyed and wanting to know what was going on all of the time.

And this one was the runt of the litter. Super feisty and hissed all of the time thinking she was tough (nevermind she had no teeth yet and her legs were too short to scratch when held lol). She was the 5th one who hid on us while we brought the others inside then went back out to make sure we didn't forget any...good thing we did.

I would have taken more photos but Tuffie didn't like me going anywhere near her babies. She really didn't like me as much as I thought she would. It took both my dad and I to catch her and put her in the create with the kittens to take them to the SPCA. We had it set up so she would have to go through me to escape the living room. She tried going through my legs and I caught her with my legs then shoved her into the create closing the door almost catching her tail and said "its ok you never really liked me anyways". The ladies at the SPCA thought that that was hilarious.

If things were different and we were more prepared we would have kept them. It just got too stressful and our lives were just revolving around them to the point we were barely getting any sleep. We went from no pets to 6 over night and the kittens were already moving and climbing over each other. It would only be another week or two before they would try making their way out of their playpen.