Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Small Finish!

I finished this piece a while back and forgot all about her. I ended up using all of the colors from my Victorian Christmas Lady so the colors vary a little bit from the original pattern. She ended up poking out from the magazine I used to stitch her and completely forgot I had finished her! So I took it upon myself to hunt down the holly berry fabric I knew I had and made her into an ornament I can hang in the house for Christmas.

She is designed by Joan Elliott, there is also a Silent Night one but I don't think I will be stitching it this year. They were both with a bigger pattern of caroling children which I might stitch next Christmas. I plan on finishing off a few more small stitchings like this I have laying around. It is about time I had some handmade decorations, feels more homey :)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Joan Elliott's 2012 Christmas Angel

Has been a few days since I last updated. I wasn't able to work much on her due to being unmotivated. Technically it has been 5 stitching days so far spent on her, with two of those days spent on the 1 over 1 on her skin, first time ever doing that and I have got to say I am really pleased with the results!I may just have to suffer through this every time on skin here on out!

I always seem to have a problem stitching with flesh tones and the finished stitching looking lumpy and bumpy, so I decided to experiment with this technique and see if I would have better results. I just love how the skin looks painterly in a way, and looks more delicate and feminine. It was really weird when I switched back to working 2 over 2, the stitches felt way too big even though I am working on 32 count! 

I now have some ideas for 2013! Call me crazy if you would like but I think I plan on stitching one of Nora Corbett's Pixies one over one using petite Mill Hills and half stitches of Krienik. Oh the ideas in my head!