Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Teacups Cross Stitch Patterns

So I am pretty excited. The World of Cross Stitching's issue 217 has a preview of my teacups and tea bag gift tag cross stitch patterns that will be published in issue 218! The release date for The World of Cross Stitching is June 19, 2014 in England.

The World of Cross Stitching 217 preview for issue 218
It is still pretty surreal seeing my patterns being published. I get excited seeing them in print and can't wait to see more in the future!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Christmas Elegance Progress

I've been craving to cross stitch a Mirabilia the past few weeks and was unable to get my hands on one of my projects while I was house sitting so I took the chance to work on Christmas Elegance this May Long weekend (also known as my birthday weekend!)

Christmas Elegance by Mirabilia
 That is about the half way point on her now. She should be done by Christmas 2014 if I don't get distracted by other projects.

I also made a promise to myself that I wouldn't buy any more Mirabilia patterns until I finish 3 of them. Yeah that Mira ban lasted less than 24 hours haha. I ended up getting a Visa gift card in my birthday card from my parents which promptly took me to my favorite online cross stitch store and I purchased my beads for Christmas Elegance. But the shipping was going to be $10 so I figured since I was already paying for the shipping I might as well throw in some patterns.....right?

So I ended up buying Enchanted Mermaid and Mermaid of Atlantis.

Enchanted Mermaid by Mirabilia
Mermaid of Atlantis by Misabilia
 I am looking forward to starting these pretties. So gorgeous and so full of beads! Maybe I have to finish 3 patterns before I start either of them? Yeah we will see how long that lasts ;)

Until next time have fun stitching!!