Saturday, 19 April 2014

Hoppy Easter

Just stopping by for a quick hi and to wish you all a Hoppy Easter. The bunny isn't visiting me this year but I did end up making chocolate chip cookies for my get together tonight with my brother and his fiance. Going to play some Mario on the Wii...or should I say they are going to play some Mario on the Wii while I keep "bubbling" so I don't die or get in the way in the game lol.

I have been working on Cinderella while I have been busy house sitting. In the past 2 months I have been home for maybe 2 weeks. Other than that I have been shuttling between houses to look after critters, so I have kept it simple with one project that's on Aida and I won't finish any time soon.

HAED Cinderella by Ruth Sanderson (retired)
400 stitches shy of finishing that half of the cropped pattern. I was able to go replenish my threads a few weeks ago so I have plenty of 152 and 223 now to go back to working on her gown. I think Cinderella is going to need a very fancy and ornate frame when she is done, something you see old oil paintings in I think that will make a statement.