Cross Stitch Patterns I Want to do

Well here I will post the designs I have and plan on starting in the near future and patterns I want to do in the future if I can find time to do them and where to buy them. You may notice how they all have beads, sparkles and are magical in one way or another, that's just what I am attracted to, parents call me a crow but I think I am just girly but there is nothing wrong with that!

Ones I have:
Joan Elliot:
Fire Goddess By Joan Elliot, published in Cross Stitch Collections Magazine issue 184.

Water Goddess by Joan Elliot, Published by Cross Stitch Collections Magazine in issue 181.

Winter Fairy by Joan Elliot, Published by Cross Stitch Collections Magazine issue 178.
Nora Corbett (Mirabilia):
Mermaids of the Deep Blue

This is a Midsummer Night's Fairy, She is going to be pretty.

This is Titainia, I had to have the matching pair.

Lily of the Woods, she would go great with my Midsummer Night's fairies!

Crystal Symphony
 Passione Ricamo:
I just got this one for my birthday back in May. Can't wait to start her!

Ones I Want:
Joan Elliot:

Air Goddess by Joan Elliot, This one is growing on me, still not a huge fan but I need it to finish the collection.

Earth Goddess by Joan Elliot. This maybe the only one that I like in nuturals :P
Nora Corbett (Mirabilia):

Oh there is so many more that I want.....

Passione Ricamo:
I like the colours of this one and it is a little mysterious.

She is just too beautiful to not stitch.