Wednesday, 26 February 2014

HAED Cinderella Page 7 Done!

Hi all! Last week and a half I have been house sitting and unfortunately the lighting isn't the greatest for working on linen so I have had to put Arezzo off to the side for the time being. However....I have managed to work on Cinderella, artwork by Ruth Sanderson, and got another page done on her!

That is a total of 7 pages, only 9 more to go and 6 of those pages are partials, so maybe just maybe I will be able to finish it this year! It is amazing to look back and see how far I have come in the past year since picking it up again last March. It will be exciting to finally finish it and have it framed so I can gawk at it all day. I just LOVE it. Already deciding what my next project will be....

Stay tuned! In the next month I have some exciting news I can finally share! It has been keeping me very busy and I can't wait to blab....

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Nora Corbett's Arezzo

Nora Corbett's Arezzo finally came today...all the way from Italy! I received it this morning and already had the fabric finished and the working copy photocopied by noon.

Arezzo 2014 by Nora Corbett
If you were wondering this chart was exclusively done for Casa Cenina as a freebie for their Festa del Ricamo which Nora was a guest at. Right now Casa Cenina is offering the chart for free but you have to buy the "kit" to get it at this time. In the near future just the chart should be available for the cost of postage. It is a limited time chart so I just HAD to have it, she is just so pretty. The pattern is a handwritten chart too, so it is kind of a doozy to look at, but I am sure after a few hours of stitching it should be fine!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

HAED Cinderella Update

Since January I have been able to get some stitching done on my Heaven and Earth Design Cinderella by Ruth Sanderson. She has a face!! It is so pretty.

HAED Cinderella by Ruth Sanderson
Not only does she have a face, but she also has a torso and pretty pink bows and a few more birds. I am enjoying this stitch so much and it truly is unfortunate this is a retired chart because it is so beautiful.

My goal is to finish 2 full pages and 1 partial for this year. So far I have almost half a full page done.  It would be wonderful to finish it this year but that doesn't seem feasible due to other responsibilities and patterns I want to work on. I am still averaging about 400 stitches a day on the days I work on her, but I have been working on other projects that I cannot share on here for a few months. Keep checking back to see what they are!