Friday, 3 February 2012

I Have Been Super Busy...

Oh boy! I have been so busy with my new project while juggling my other projects at the same time! What's my new project? you may ask...I am currently getting together all of my cross stitch designs I have designed and want to offer them to the public for insanely low prices. Stay tuned for more on that!

I took a few days off of working on my new website to have some me time. I stumbled across a new cross stitch pattern that I had to start right away. Its a cross stitching of peony flowers! I started my project on January 30th and I can official say as of today February 3, 2012 I have managed to finish my first cross stitching of the year...and the decade...shhhh.

Here are a few of my work in progress photos and the last one is the final product:


Now I am planning on starting my first Heaven and Earth Design. My friend gave me this pattern a while ago and I completely forgot about it. She was going to do it but as time went on she lost interest in doing it sadly and gave it to me in hopes I would do it so she could see what it looked like all stitched up. Here it is:

The painting is originally done by Ruth Sanderson and converted into the counted cross stitch by Heaven and Earth Designs. I have always been a fan of her work since I received her book The Twelve Dancing Princesses when I was six years old. I still have that book and I plan on getting the new release of it coming out in March with a new cover. I think if this one turns out well I will do the Golden Wood by Ruth Sanderson as well since I have always been in love with that painting and think I will really enjoy doing it!


  1. Your peony flowers are just beautiful stitched up and you stitched them so quickly!

    Gems x

  2. Beautiful Peonys, well done. Your HAED is a beautiful one. I love HAED designs.

  3. Thanks you guys :) I really did enjoy stitching up the Peonies they were relatively fast to stitch up and were worth the 4 days of time invested into them! Now to get them framed and to find a place to hang them in the household.

    The HAED had to be put on hold for a few more weeks while I finished up a pattern for my Auntie. But I feel once I get going on it I won't want to stop.