Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Useful and Fun DIY Projects

I like using Stumbleupon sometimes to find fun and different ideas. Most of the times I "stumble" I find some very interesting ideas and think "Huh...that could be very handy or very simple to do with stuff I have laying around the house." We have a huge cupboard full of handy useful crafty things that most people would think is garbage, but in our household if it is usable we keep it! So here are my top Five "stumbles" of the day (Clicking on the photos will take you right to the places I got them from with full how-tos):

1. Holder for Charging iPhone

This is a pretty ingenious idea. She took a plastic lotion bottle, cut the shape out and then Mod Podge some fun fabric over it. When done it hangs off of the charger and you can tuck the phone into the little pocket, Now the iPhone is off of the counter that someone could spill something on, or it is off of the floor where it could be stepped on. Save your iPhone and the environment at the same time!

2. Up-cycled Sweater Boots

In need of some cute boots but don't want to pay a fortune? Have some old flats you have broken in but they aren't suitable for public anymore? These are made with a cheap pair of flats, an old sweater some buttons and lots of hot glue!

3. DIY Grocery Bag Holder

Pretty straight forward actually...take an empty cleaning wipes container, wash it out and decorate it then you roll your grocery bags up in a special way and tuck them inside the container. Keeps all of your plastic bags in an orderly fashion instead up throwing them under the sink or in a cupboard. Can easily keep it in the car for those times you need a bag!

4. Wax Crayon Art

Apparently these are all over Pinterest...I can see why though! It is easy art and all you need is a canvas, box of crayons or your favorite colors, hot glue gun and a blow dryer. You can do any color combination you want and its not just for children, it can be for any grown up who remembers the smell of a brand new box of crayons when they were little. This has a lot of texture and could be a fun project on a Sunday afternoon. If you didn't want those crayons there after the piece is done I would suggest attaching them to something study that you can screw into the back of the frame then remove after you are happy with the drips.

5. Thread Lamp Shade

I have been wanting to make one of these for a while now, and probably will once I am living on my own in a bigger place than a dorm room. The just of the idea is you use a giant balloon, wall paper glue and yarn. You end up coating the yarn in wall paper glue and then wrapping it around the balloon and letting it dry. Once it dries you pop the balloon and there you will have a lovely lampshade! I have seen this done with lace as well, where they layered lace on the balloon instead of wrapping yarn around.

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