Friday, 11 January 2013

Experimenting with Bead Embroidery

The end of 2012 I was working on the Bluebell Pixie by Nora Corbett. Naturally I got distracted when I was oh so close to finishing her off, and started stitching her Petal Fairy instead. But after 3 days of cross stitching I realized I needed to change it up a bit and decided to try my go at beading again.

Bluebell by Nora Corbett

For those of you who don't know I kind of went through a phase where I didn't see the point of putting all this effort into making beautiful things only to be swallowed by all of the resellers found on Etsy (Etsy is for Handmade or Vintage...a reseller is someone who buys mass produced items and then sells them off as handmade for easy money.) I pushed by beads to the side and indulged in my OCD and cross stitch and managed to finish a few projects. 2012 was the year I finally finished my first cross stitch pattern and got it framed. It then got me obsessing over other projects and managed to finish a total of 6 along with numerous other starts.

Anyways, after deciding to bead again I ended up frustrating myself with my bad habit of looking for something and tearing everything apart looking for it only when to find what I was looking for to say to myself "Oh I will clean this up later" and then eventually just shoving it all into a photo box or bin. So I started sorting. All the findings in one bin, seed beads in another, crystals in another, special beads....well you get the point. Once everything was inventoried in my head I came across an article my nan had cut out of a newspaper for me to read, it was bead embroidery, which I have been meaning to try.

This is as far as I have gotten so far:

 Notice a theme in color? I swear that was unintentional lol! The center portion is lace agate, so are the two beads on either side that have a criss-cross over top. Swarovski crystals are also used along with glass beads. I am designing as I go so it will be a one of a kind piece. I am thinking of adding a rectangular lace agate above the white long beads (picture below) and doing a peyote stitch around it like I did with the center bead, then adding another Swarovski crystal above that creating a dramatic tear drop shape.

I don't know what I should name this piece when it is done. Any ideas? What does it remind you of?


  1. Lovely progress on Bluebell stitching but also great bead embroidery!! I never of this before, and it looks beautiful :) Whatever name you choose, it will be a lovely finished item ☺

  2. I can't think of any names but wow! It is drop dead gorgeous!! Bluebell is beautiful too!

  3. Aww thank you you two :) I am sure I will come up with some kind of name. I was thinking maybe Winter Garden or Icy Dreams...Something winter related.

  4. Beautiful stitching of the Bluebell, but your bead stitching is simply amazing. It looks professional.

  5. Here you go-- your beautiful (!!) blog has just been loaded in for my Grow Your Blog party. Looking forward to your special post at the party. I hope you make lots of new friends for your beautiful blog~

  6. I thought it is a mirror in frame at first, but then I realized it is not.