Saturday, 15 June 2013

Cinderella 3 Pages Done!

I had to put my 30 day design challenge to the side for now. It will be picked up again soon, things just got busy and in the way! (I did manage 6 patterns though, 3 of which I can't share just yet!)

While vegging out I have made a lot of progress on Cinderella! In total that is 3 pages complete with..I don't know how many more to go yet lol.

My half year goal is to get 2 partials and one full page done by the end of the year, plus a page on Golden Wood by Ruth Sanderson.

I am thinking of adding some petite beads to the swirly stuff when done, along with a small crystal on her glass slipper to make it something a bit more special! We shall see when I am done the stitching though.


  1. Great progress on Cinders! I love the idea of adding beads to the skirt and the slipper. I think they will definitely finish the whole thing off :). After all Cinders must have sparkle and bling... :)

    1. I agree she must have bling! Never such thing as too much bling hehe.

  2. Never say no to anything sparkly myself so I think it's a fabulous idea to bling Cinderella. She's looking beautiful so far. Congrats on completing 3 pages!
    Alicia xo

  3. Hello

    Just found your blog.
    Cinderella looks lovely and your Bluebell is just beautiful!

  4. You will tame C, I know it. One stitch at a time.

  5. You will tame C, I know it. One stitch at a time.