Friday, 7 March 2014

Easter Egg Cross Stitching Project

Easter and spring are my favorite time of year, not just because the snow is melting but because of all of the pretty colours...and it is my birthday season! Nothing says spring time more than the pretty pastel colours. Dyeing eggs has got to be my favorite activity to do when we approach Easter and with that in mind I designed this Easter Egg Cross Stitch Pattern.

2014 Easter Egg by Shannon Wasilieff
I had some hand dyed fabric I had dyed last year but then decided it was too bright and busy for any patterns I had in mind. So there it sat in the fabric bin to be forgotten about until I designed this pattern. Originally it was going to be done on white with pretty colours but I figured I was over thinking it and went with an overall white on a coloured fabric. I also thought the same pattern could be stitched with a hand dyed floss on a white fabric to give it a different look.

I am going to design some others similar to this eventually so I can have a basket of eggs to put out come spring time.

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