Monday, 26 August 2013

Computer Mishaps!

My lack of posting can be blamed on my horrible luck with computers as of late. The past month I have had the joy of buying 3 new computers (2 of which I was able to return for full refund)...I have to tell you though the novelty of a new computer doesn't last too long when you're constantly having to adjust all of the settings to your preference!

During the computer problem crisis though I have managed to finish off a few projects! As some of you may remember I was working on Mermaids of the Deep Blue for a while and ended up stalling on the progress once it came down to beading time, which is odd since I LOVE beading and sparkles. I was able to finish it last week and I am in love with it!

I added a few extra treasures and crystals from my stash. I also changed a few of the bead colors (they needed some "pearls" in their hair!) This is the first Mira I have done for me :)

My mom did the stitching on Nora Corbett's letter P, I came to the rescue and did the back stitching and beading. I made a few alterations on this one too, nothing drastic...just more beads.

This one is Nora Corbett's Letter M without the M and wings and done in a Christmas conversion. I am contemplating stitching something around her since I am going to frame her with fabric. She will sit for a while as I make that decision.

And this Donkey something I would have never stitched for myself lol. This is for a friend of mine who is expecting her first baby and who loves animals (wants a donkey right now) and requested an animal birth sampler from me once she has the baby. We go back a LONG time, pretty much grew up together and it is funny how distance makes the friendship grow stronger and you find out who your true friends really are.


  1. Wow, you have a lot of great finishes... the mermaids are stunning...and I love the little donkey one!

  2. Thank you Wilma :) The mermaids are my all time favorite finish and the donkey was fun to was nice to get onto the sewing machine again!

  3. Beautiful finishes! I'm always in awe of those who complete mira deigns! I have yet to attempt one but they do look very challenging to say the least.

  4. Oh my goodness, how gorgeous are this finishes :)
    I love the Mira designs and I am totally in awe of stitchers who do them... I have a couple in my stash but haven't quite got the nerve up to start stitching.... Maybe it's time I did one :)
    I love the mermaid, but I think that the P is just so sweet. Well done on your Christmas conversion - looks lovely :)
    And how could I not love the donkey - so cute :)

  5. Hello!
    I just stumbled across your nice blog ;-) Could you please tell me where to find the donkey design? It's adorable!

    1. Hi Donna! Thanks :)

      I don't have the magazine on me right now but I will take a look for it and see if I have it still. It is from about 3-4 years ago if I recall correctly in a Christmas magazine.