Friday, 30 August 2013

Purple Rose Sewing Bag

These purple roses are cross stitched on 32 count cream. The purple is my own conversion, originally they were to be a pink but I thought I would be a little daring. I am going to turn this into a small pouch that I plan on using to keep buttons, pins and other small things in that I would use for sewing or cross stitching.

I am thinking I will turn the process of turning this into a pouch into a tutorial to share with you all. I should do the same for how I finish off my smaller patterns into ornaments (like the donkey from a few days ago) so people can finish off some of their Christmas cross stitching into gifts. Yes I am already thinking of Christmas! Now is a good time to start your projects to give you ample time to finish!


  1. Gorgeous colours!!!
    Great work.

  2. Love your color conversion, and look forward to your tutorial.

  3. Thank you you guys :) I have a few new ideas for my blog so please check back soon!

  4. Lovely colours conversion. Look forward to the tutorial :)