Monday, 2 September 2013

September Free Stitch Along

Autumn is definitely in the air right now, well at least at night time, but days are becoming shorter and the leaves are slowly starting to change colour ever so slightly.

With fall time in my mind I decided to offer my readers a challenge. During the four weeks of September I will be releasing certain parts of the following design for those of you interested in stitching it! The autumn sampler is a mixture of cross stitch and specialty stitches to help some of those interested in dabbling in embroidery.

"Autumn's Tiny Sampler" Copyright: Lasting Allure Designs
The design is pretty small and each section will only take an hour or two of your time to stitch. However I feel the small project will help some who may want to learn some specialty stitches without being overwhelmed. With each section released there will be a few diagrams to help you stitch the pattern.

The first section will be released on Tuesday and all of the other sections will be released on the following Tuesdays. I encourage all of those who are stitching the pattern to change the colours up or use special threads and to post links in the comments section below so we can all see what you have done.

For those of you who want to get a head start you can get your fabric and floss ready. You will need:
  • Stitch Count is: 40 stitches wide by 40 stitches high
  • 32 count linen (28 is ok but you won't get very good coverage...and this project MUST be done on linen to be done properly)
  • DMC colours: 741, 742, 780, and 3011
  • I recommend using a Qsnap or hoop
If this stitch along goes well I will consider doing more!


  1. Lovely idea... I won't be able to stitch this now as I am about to go away and won't have time to pull the threads to take it with me to stitch... But when I come back I will give it go ;)
    Love the colours :)