Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Section #4 Will be Delayed...

Sorry but section #4 of September free SAL will be delayed for the next day or two. I will make it up to you guys with 3 week old kitten photos tomorrow!

If some of you didn't know we had a stray show up in our back yard about 3 weeks ago.

Well she has basically adopted us and the past week or so my dad and I have been outside trying to coax her indoors and giving her lots of love, attention and food. Did I mention she was pregnant? Yeah...she had her kittens right out side of my bedroom window under a pile of branches.

I have been on night duty and completely lost track of what day it was. Tuffie (as we affectionately call her) likes to sit outside a lot so when we see her we go out there and pet her and talk to her trying to gain her trust. We have made so much progress this past week, she eats inside with the door closed and allows us to pet her as she eats and purrs away. She even comes running when we open the door knowing she is going to get a really good ear scratch. We bought a little box and today she used it so we know she is house trained which means someone for sure dumped her :( She looks about 6 or so months old herself.

Tomorrow we are going to bring the kittens indoors because it is getting really cold out at night and they are starting to wonder out of the nest, we also found a raccoon the other night (another reason I stay up all night) so it is a lot safer inside. I honestly have had no free time...my whole life revolves around this cat right now and I hope once the kittens are inside I will be able to do some more stitching related stuff knowing they are safe and warm.

And yes we do plan on keeping Tuffie and one of the kittens with both for sure getting fixed ASAP! All of the other kittens (4 that we know of in total) will be adopted out to people we know.

Again sorry about the delay...I will get it done as soon as I have a little free time in the next day or two. I should be sleeping right now as I have a job interview in the morning!


  1. No worries on the delay, hope all goes well moving the kittens and Tuffie inside!

  2. So good of you to take care of Tuffie and the kittens. Good luck!

  3. Awww, kittens! They're about the sweetest thing I know.