Tuesday, 3 September 2013

To keep it simple the first part of the September Stitch Along is simple cross stitching. Follow the pattern below to create the framework that you will fill in during the following weeks with the other sections!

Please don't send the pattern to others, instead point them in the direction of the blog so they too can join in and be able to participate in other future activities. Please also note this pattern is not intended for resale including but not limited to patterns, kits or finished projects. If I find someone has breached my trust I will be unable to continue hosting future stitch alongs.

Section #1 of "Tiny Autumn Sampler" Copyright: Lasting Allure Designs
Stitch count is 40 stitches wide by 40 stitches high. It is highly recommended to stitch this pattern on 32 count even weave linen. (Don't pull a me and stitch on an uneven weave linen or else you will end up with a rectangle rather than a square as depicted in the bottom photo) Use your imagination and try different threads for this project!

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