Thursday, 24 May 2012

New Christmas Cross Stitching Designs

I have been playing around on my cross stitch Pattern Maker tonight and I designed this new Noel pattern for Christmas. Since its Christmas in July soon I thought I should get a head start on my patterns. Here is a little preview of it:

"Noel" Designed by Alluring Cross Stitch Cost: $5

My inspiration for this design came from the story "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" by Dr.Seuss. Its a fun and whimsical stitch that would look wonderful in any room either framed, made into an ornament or placed into a card for that special someone. In it is Mill Hill Beads in red and green with Krienik #4 very fine braid in gold that adorn the present, wreath, ornament, heart and Christmas tree. The letters of Noel are back stitched in gold too, but if you feel that is too much you can always opt for using a gold colored thread. The stitch count is 106 stitches wide and 52 stitches high and it is full cross stitches, no fractional stitches.

Another one I have recently finished is this one:

"Tall Snowman" Designed by Alluring Cross Stitch Cost: $4

I have two more I am working on to go along with this snowman. I was actually thinking of making a back side that is cross stitched as well and you then sew the two sides together to make an ornament for the tree. Just an idea, would have to play around with it a bit more. This does not have any special threads or beads in it, however if you wanted to you could use black beads for the eyes and mouth. The design measures 28 stitches wide and 49 stitches high.

And one last one for this post:

"Quilted Snowman" By Alluring Cross Stitch Cost: $5

Another happy little snowman! He looks as if he has been hand-stitched together so he doesn't fall apart. He was my original snowman I first designed and still has to be my favorite. I stitched him up the day I designed him but I gave away that stitching to my grandma for Christmas last year. Only took one day of stitching to complete him. He measures 42 stitches wide and 56 stitches tall.

If you're interested in purchasing these patterns please refer to the "Alluring Cross Stitch" tab at the top of the page to find out how to do so.

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